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Playing Poo Sticks in our local woods
Collecting materials
Building obstacle courses
Exploring playdough
Exploring our local woods
Jubilee Celebrations
Learning about Fire Fighters
Space to run
Librarian visit
Learning to plant seeds
Visiting the play park
Mary Poppins visiting
Mary Poppins visiting
Relaxing with a good book
Librarian Visit
Spotting birds in our village
Chatting with friends
Learning about chicks
Spending time outside
Parachute games
Taking part in the school sports day
Concentrating on my drawing
Working together
Exploring our village
Mixing potions
Planting my sunflower seed
Climbing and being brave
Woodland adventures
Observational drawing
Creating a picture together
Creativity and fun
Building with friends
Garden fun
Learning about lambs
Outdoor Craft
Eden Bear in the woods
Forest School gardens
Sports hall games
Construction in our community
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